Being a Leo

Being a Leo

“I’m a big believer in accepting yourself and not really worrying about it.” 
Jennifer Lawrence
(a fellow Leo woman)

As soon as I found my horoscope in Seventeen magazine I was sold. I am a Leo. At first, I would become slightly upset that my horoscope was off. I mean, where was the guy I was supposed to meet and fall in love with? Why did the days that were supposed to be lucky with money never work out? Do not despair! My fifth-grade self did not lose hope… oh, no instead she began to research. 

Now, at this time, the Internet was still very much in its early days. Things weren’t as easy as they are now. I searched and searched and found more and more descriptions of Leos that matched me. Honestly (and this isn’t me being dramatic- I know I often am #leoproblems) I felt like I was unlocking part of who I was the more I read. The more I read the more I understood. 

This research has continued for quite some time. I even have gone so far to get my chart done. Something that required me to call my mom at the most inconvenient of times and force her to find out what time I was born at… sorry mom! Thanks for supporting this craze. Guess what! There is more to you than just your sun sign but this post is all about what I know and love about being a Leo… buckle up! 

A Leo is Royalty

Yes, I am a queen. If you knew me when I was a child you might know that my mother always referred to me as the queen. At the time I was very annoyed because she called my sister the princess and I wanted to be a princess too. I didn’t want to be the queen. The only thing is, the royal life chooses you, you don’t choose the royal life. Just ask Queen Elizabeth. Royalty is not a path you choose but a path you are destined for. Unrelated fact: Leos are also known for being quite arrogant. 

As I’ve grown up I’ve come to embrace my royal status. I understand exactly why my mother called me a queen growing up. Part of being a queen is being confident. There have been times that I have lacked confidence in life but generally, I have an overabundance of confidence. I have a very strong sense of self and I have confidence in what I know and what I am able to accomplish. 

Leos are also natural leaders… similar to my other royal friends. We are drawn to lead people and work in leadership roles and people are naturally drawn to us. A Leo is always passionate about any tasks that she takes on and is highly ambitious in her goals… I mean I did just create a blog everyday challenge for myself because I wasn’t posting enough. Very ambitious but with these high ambitions Leos are extremely dedicated to following through on promises made.

A Leo is Loyal

If there is one true thing in this world that I am loyal to, it has to be this Snapchat filter. Gosh! I just love it. Just letting you know that I had to take a small (15 min) break to look at all the pictures I have taken with this filter. Also, if you are reading this and do not immediately notify me when it returns to Snapchat we are over… I guess every Leo has a breaking point for loyalty.

If we are friends then you already know how loyal I am. I stand by you. No matter what. Probably sometimes when I shouldn’t. But, hey, that’s just who I am as a Leo. Leos are also extremely generous and kind-hearted. If we are friends it is for life! We invest in our friendships and value friends deep within our hearts. 

A Leo is Flashy

The picture above was taken at Versailles. When I visited Versailles I couldn’t get over the feeling that I was made to live in a place like this. It isn’t only because I am a queen. It is also because Leos are drawn to flashiness and grandeur. Leos have a flair for drama and Versailles is like a Leo paradise. 

I’m very well known to have large reactions to things and to be a bit over the top. I can’t help it. It is just in my nature as a Leo. Leos are known to be the life of the party and to bring strong energy to any room they walk through.

A Leo Works Hard to Play Hard

Leos do enjoy the life of luxury but we also understand that this comes at a cost. A Leo is willing to work hard so that she can play hard. Here I am blogging while sitting in a cafe in Stockholm. Leos appreciate the value of hard work and we understand that in order to live the life we want we must be able to afford the life we want. 

Being a Leo is a part of who I am. I embrace it to the fullest and live each day like the queen that I was born to be. 

Natasha Theodora written in caligraphy

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