It Happens… Drinking Vodka with Strangers on top of a Mountain at Eight in the Morning

It Happens… Drinking Vodka with Strangers on top of a Mountain at Eight in the Morning

This fall I decided to head to Zakopane for a relaxing winter getaway. I planned on spending the whole weekend at the spa. While there I had the most amazing hot stone massage but that isn’t what this story is about. Did you know that you can take a cable car up into the mountains?  Once you’re on the top you can walk from Poland into Slovakia. That sounds really cool but that isn’t what happened when I went up the mountain. 


To say I was unprepared is an understatement. I didn’t bring a jacket only a heavy sweater. I didn’t even have socks, only my Tieks. At the bottom of the mountain it was crisp fall weather so I thought I would be fine at the top. Nope. No. That isn’t how it went. 


I arrived at the bottom of the mountain and purchased a ticket to go up in the cable car. The other people waiting to go up in the cable car were all dressed in heavy duty hiking gear. They were dressed for the coldest of winter weather. As we started up the mountain it went from nice autumn weather to straight up blizzard in the middle of winter. As I switched cable cars halfway up I knew I had made a mistake but there was no turning back. Thankfully at the top of the mountain there was a shop where I bought very overpriced socks and gloves. 

By the time I was somewhat more appropriately the mountain trail had been closed due to dangerous conditions. We could walk out onto the small area before the trails but that was all. This really was a blessing in disguise because I should not have been hiking. Also Tieks are so slippery on snow. I 100% would have died. 

I walked out onto the little area before the trails only to turn around and see a small monument for Pope John Paul II. These are everywhere here in Poland yet I am sill surprised almost every time I see it. By the time I turned back around what seemed like a bachelor party stumbled out. 

I soon learned that this fiesta on top of the mountain was not a bachelor party. One of the guys had gotten married the night before. He decided to drag two of his bros up the mountain to keep celebrating. Both of the friends were extremely sober and not at all thrilled with this grooms plan. Soon I found myself taking a cup along with a couple from China and enjoying some vodka. The time on the first photo was 8:18. Never too early for vodka! I was barely awake, freezing, and celebrating with strangers. The couple and I had such a good chat. It was a combination of getting to know one another and wondering how we all found ourselves in this moment. Look at my face in the photo below. Barely awake and super confused. Also, take note of the oversized gloves I purchased. Shortly after the party started I was too cold and had to go back down the mountain. You never know what will meet you on your journeys.  

Congratulations to this man! He is the one who got married and dragged his friends up in a cable car to keep the vodka party going. Hopefully his marriage is off o a great start! 


Drinking vodka on top of a mountain 10/10 would recommend.

Makes for a hilariously strange story. 


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