Churros, Churros- A Second Story About Churros

Churros, Churros- A Second Story About Churros

So Many Churros

If you read this week’s Friday Five, you’ll know that I stalked down churros like it was my job! While writing that post, I realized I have a funny churro story that I haven’t shared yet. Then while looking for a picture for this post, I realized that I have ANOTHER churro story. So here you are, about to have the thrill of a lifetime, two churro stories in one post! Now, if you haven’t read the first churro story or if you are unfamiliar with churros, please educate yourself first here

Let Me Guess Your Name

This churro story took place one day after the first churro story. We wandered back to the square in search of Starbucks and of churros. As we were on our way to Starbucks, we saw a new churro stand! We were so excited! So excited that we rushed to Starbucks, got our coffee to go, and got in line for churros. 

The man making the churros was very friendly, which isn’t all that common at markets like this. Usually, it is all business and on to the next one, but he was chatting with us about what we were doing in Krakow and was very kind. Then just as the churros were coming out of the fryer, he looked me dead in the eye and said, “let me guess… your name is Natasha.”

I was shocked and wondering where I could have met this churro man before. As I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how this man would know my name, I suddenly realized that my Starbucks cup said my name on it. Very smooth churro man, very smooth. 

My friend didn’t realize that and was so impressed with this man’s knack for guessing names. As we were walking away, she was still so excited that he guessed my name correctly. Then I had to let her down easy and tell her that he read my name on my cup. After that she wanted me to go back and give the man my number. I refused, and now we’ll never know what might have been. Hahaha, oh, gosh! 

Farewell Churros

The picture above was not taken during any churro story you’ve heard so far. This one was taken at a farewell. You see, the other grade 1 teacher left before the end of the school year. Yeah… I’m not going to say much else about that, but it was terrible. I miss her dearly. At the time, no one knew that she would be leaving soon.

On her last weekend in town, we went to the square to have dinner. And then we saw a churro stand! Of course, we had to get some churros. This was the last time we ever hung out before she flew back over the ocean to the US.
Here is a super low-quality picture from our farewell churro outing!

That’s it. I’m out of churro stories for now. I’ll let you know the next time I track them down! 

Natasha Theodora written in caligraphy

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