Friday Five

Friday Five

Summer Routines

Let’s face it, every summer vacation, I get into crazy sleep schedules and have no structure. Then when it comes time to go back to school, it is rough. I mean, really rough. This summer, I had to have a tough conversation with myself. I’m too old for this, and I need to grow up. So… I now have a fantastic summer routine. It works for me, and it includes having hot chocolate every afternoon. It hasn’t been too warm here, so hot chocolate seems appropriate. Growing up is tough!

CHurrito, Churrito

You might already know how much I love churros. I seriously love them so much. I found them at a festival in the square once, and now my friends and I want more and more. Please read about that here

Unfortunately, some people didn’t know what a churro was! I just realized I have another hilarious churro story that I will have to post on the blog this week! Oh gosh, you’re going to love it. Anyways… my friend wanted churros so badly that she stalked these people down on Facebook and found out that there was a food truck festival at the mall AND the churros were there! Now, the mall is honestly a five to ten depending on the one really long traffic light minute walk from our house! WHAT?! Of course, we raced out the door to get churros. I opted for powdered sugar, and my friend got Polish caramel. Delish!

What is This?

These Skittles in my hand, are sour. You might notice that they are missing something. WHERE IS THE SOUR SUGAR? Apparently, in Poland, there is no sour sugar on the sour Skittles. I don’t really like sour stuff, so this isn’t that big of a deal to me, but it is very upsetting to some people I know who care very much for sour things.

Starbucks Garden

I feel like maybe I shouldn’t even post about this because I don’t want people to know about it! My friend introduced me to a Starbucks in the city that has the most beautiful garden in the back! The best part of it is that there are two tables outside the front of Starbucks, so tourists get their coffee and go sit out front. To get to the garden, you have to wind your way all the way to the back and go out a door near the kitchen. Most people don’t realize it is there! The garden is almost always empty and is so peaceful. Despite Starbuck’s best attempt to advertise the garden, it is still a hidden gem!

Can't Get Over It

I know it has been a week, but I cannot get over On the Run II. It was seriously so amazing. You can read more detail about it here. One thing I forgot to mention in that post was the pretzels. Germans must take their pretzels very seriously because I have never seen anything like this happen before. Before the show began, there was a cart of pretzels near the stage. As the show was about to start, the cart was rolled away, and a person carrying a basket of pretzels walked around the stadium floor selling pretzels during the show. That is some serious dedication to the pretzel. 

The other thing I forgot to mention was that they never stopped serving. I was shocked to leave the concert and find that all of the food and drink venues were still open. People went over and got more beers after the show and were hanging out and drinking. I had never seen anything like this before. It was so interesting! 

Hopefully you had a wonderful first week of July. What was your favorite part of this week? 

Natasha Theodora written in caligraphy

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