Travel Guide- Edinburgh

Travel Guide- Edinburgh

Where I Went

While in Scotland I spent most of my time in Edinburgh. I did attend an Ed Sheeran concert in Glasgow but I didn’t do anything other than that there. A couple of Christmases ago I spent time in Glasgow and it was wonderful! Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It is green, lush and, of course, damp. It was actually quite sunny while we were there but it was also very hot! We didn’t get away with a completely sunny time but I think Scotland is best enjoyed with a little drizzling rain. It is also very hilly and completely gorgeous. I would love to return and spend more time exploring! 

How I Got There

Of course I got there via Ryanair! Something I love about flying to English speaking countries is listening in on other people’s conversations. I am generally a very nosey person- if you know me, you aren’t surprised by this at all! Anyways, on my return flight these ladies were flying Ryanair to Dublin. They didn’t know to check in online before arriving to the airport and then Ryanair charged them. They were quite upset while waiting to drop their bags and were complaining loudly. Here’s the thing, it’s Ryanair. They’re going to charge you for everything. Also, you get a million emails from them reminding you of your flight, trying to get you to add on things to your flight, telling you to check in… I mean it never ends. I have a trip to Berlin planned at the end of the month and I have gotten so many emails from Ryanair about this flight. 

A girl I once knew said that it is almost impossible to book train tickets in Europe- that could not be further than the truth. Let’s just say this girls time in Europe came to a quick end when she just could not cut it! Maybe I’ll tell you her story later. I needed to head from Edinburgh to Glasgow for the concert and my flight home. This is how hard it was to get a train ticket. I did not book one in advance because I didn’t even bother planning that far ahead. #preparedtraveler I arrived at the train station. I queued for the machines to get a ticket. I got to the machine and bought a ticket to Glasgow. It printed right there. I went to M&S to get some snacks and then I got on the train and went to Glasgow. Not too hard at all! If I can do it, you can do it. 

Where to Go and What to See

Edinburg has so many sites to see. While there I just barely skimmed the surface. Here is where I went and where I recommend you head. 

A Stroll in the Park

The first day I wanted to visit Edinburgh Castle. To get there I took a wonderful stroll through Princes Street Gardens and then a hike up a very steep hill when I was not wearing appropriate shoes. This is my life. I never dress for what I am doing. Very impractical for travel. The views were stunning. I felt like I was seeing Hogwarts as I looked up. Then I recalled that the Harry Potter books were born in Edinburgh and immediately added that to my sites to see list! 

Just Wander Right In

After my hike up a large, steep hill I walked up an even steeper hill. BUT on the way up there was a lawnmower Roomba! It was amazing. I saw one of these at the palace in Warsaw but they were not on. This trip I got to see them live and in action. It was amazing! This little robot lawn mower zooming around. I wish I had one of these as a kid so I didn’t have to mow the lawn. 

At the top of the hill was this gorgeous building. It wasn’t a castle or anything fancy. In fact, it was a college. It was so picturesque so I snuck inside and took one of my favorite travel photos I have ever taken. 


I love castles! I love them so much. I am fairly certain this is because I had to have been a queen in a previous life. I just know I am destined for greatness… anyways. The Edinburgh Castle was crowded but beautiful.  There are a lot of cannons there which are always fun to see. At the top the views of Edinburgh are breathtaking. It is also home to St. Margaret’s Chapel which is the oldest building in Edinburgh. It was very tiny and had an absurdly large number of people inside so I didn’t snap any photos. I just got in and out. 

the Birthplace Of Harry Potter

WHAT?! Why do I only have one photo that is below average and that is being generous? Well, it is because I love Harry Potter. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Potter. It is a bit overwhelming to visit the place in which it was created. I took a small break from seeing the sights at Starbucks… mostly for the free wi-fi so I could post things to instagram. I realized that I was very close to the elephant house aka the coffee shop where JK Rowling jotted down Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It is just a regular coffee shop but it was cool to visit. I planned my trip perfectly because a HUGE tour came just as I was heading out.  

Scott Monument

As I was on my way to a different castle- one that the queen still uses today! I passed this monument. It is a gothic victorian monument to a man named Sir Walter Scott. You might be wondering what Sir Walter Scott did to get a monument this large. Let me tell you. He was a writer! His works include Ivanhoe, The Lady of the Lake, and The Bride of Lammermoor. This monument is also the second largest monument for a writer in the whole world! 

Another Castle? Don't Mind If I Do!

Why not? The more castles the merrier… at least, I think that is how the saying goes! This is a castle that Queen Elizabeth still uses when she visits Scotland. The parts that tourists get to see are stunning so I can’t even imagine how gorgeous the parts that the Queen sees are! Now, it is very rare that you can actually take photos inside a castle. So these pictures are mostly from the gardens. Another thing I just love about castles is the gardens! 

Arthur's Seat

Arthur’s Seat is located in Holyrood Park right near the Holyrood Palace. These pictures are actually taken from the palace gardens. Now, you can hike up here. In fact, if you look closely you may be able to see some hikers. I, of course, was not wearing proper shoes for hiking and was already hot so I opted not to hike up this beautiful hill. I am sure the views from the top are amazing! 

What to Eat

One of my favorite sandwich shops to visit in the UK is Pret a Manger. Turns out they also have locations in the US but I have never been to one in the States. Pret not only has amazing coffee drinks, it has amazing food. It also has MACARONI AND CHEESE. Now mac and cheese has become a delicacy for me. I never get to have it in Poland. Seriously if anyone knows a good place to get mac and cheese in Krakow, comment below! Whenever I can eat some I eat some. So… I didn’t eat any Scottish food on my trip but I did eat food that I miss from the US!

Natasha Theodora written in caligraphy

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