What is a churro?

What is a churro?

Recently Emily and I were at the Easter market in Krakow. We were so excited to buy churros and while we were waiting for our churros to finish deep frying a tourist came over who had never heard of a churro before. WHAT?! Who has never heard of a churro before? I love churros! Emily and I had just made a plan to return the next day to enjoy even more churros before we had even eaten the ones we had ordered.

“What is it?” As we stared on fully stunned at the situation unfolding before us, the man inside the booth began to explain a churro. “It is a churro. A Spanish dessert that is a bit like a doughnut.” Meanwhile, the man who was asking was feeling up the display churros. Like! What??? “You can have four kinds of sauce with your churros: Polish caramel, dark chocolate, chocolate and white chocolate.” Somewhere in between the types of chocolate the man wondering about the churros walked away. Clearly uninterested in the churros. And, in my personal opinion, missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures. Emily and I were in such shock and dying of laughter. The man in the booth seemed as if he had explained churros to hundreds of tourists that day.

Once our churros came out of the fryer we sat down and enjoyed them while listening to the trumpet in the square and then viewing some breakdancers who were making their way around the square.

Do you know what a churro is? How would you describe a churro to someone?

Natasha Theodora written in caligraphy

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