Hey, I’m Back!

Hey, I’m Back!

You might have noticed that I haven’t blogged recently. In fact, yesterday I posted my first blog since December. The truth was that I just wasn’t feeling inspired and I just didn’t have anything to say. I sat down to write so many times but it just didn’t happen. I’m all for following joy and doing what’s best for me so I took a break from blogging. BUT… I’m back!

So what have I been up to?

28 Things I've Done Since We Last TalkeD

*These are listed in no particular order

1. Had a photo shoot. 
Check out the Meet Me section at the top of the page to see some new photos. I spent an entire day traveling around the city of Krakow taking photos and having fun! 

2. Went to Winter Wonderland

3. Went to Norway.
In a horrible life choice I decided to head to Norway the morning after our staff Christmas party. I had the worst hangover of my life while I was there and it just wasn’t any fun at all. I’ve learned not to book trips if I will be partying the night before. #liveandlearn

4. Visited the Krakow Christmas Market 

5. Returned to the USA
For the first time since I moved abroad I returned to the US. It was weird and wonderful all in the same time. I got to do things that I was missing aka shop at Target. It was wonderful to see people I love and miss very much. To be honest though, it felt good to get back on the plane and return home to Poland. 

6. Dyed my hair red

7. Helped Emily move 2 more times. 
Emily has moved so many times while living in Krakow. Read all about it here on her blog

8. Got new glasses
See photo above in the yellow shirt! 

9. Booked a trip to the south of France

10. Cancelled a trip to Prague

11. Had a staycation in Krakow

12. Got into a car accident 
Yup! Just this past week we got into a car accident on the way to work. So, where I work is about 20 minutes outside of the city and we must carpool to get there. Last year one of my friends bought a car so that we could all get to work. At first he was such a cautious driver because he had lived in Europe for a long time and hadn’t driven in years. This year he became over confident. We almost crash into someone or something at least once a day. Last week we finally crashed into another car. No one got hurt and the cars were fine but it didn’t deter him from driving like a crazy person and I still fear for my life every time I get into the car. (This recount is only slightly dramatized) 

13. Celebrated 2 Thanksgivings
That’s right! This year I had to celebrate two Thanksgivings. This was a first for me. How hilarious is it that I celebrated Thanksgiving twice in one day while living in a country that doesn’t even celebrate Thanksgiving? I went to the school Thanksgiving first and then had to head over to a student’s home to celebrate Thanksgiving with a bunch of parents. It was so fun and I am so glad I got to celebrate Thanksgiving twice this year. 

14. Went out dancing with co-workers
The night before Norway was our staff party. After having dinner and far too many drinks we all went out dancing and it could not have been more fun! The people I work with are amazing and after what seemed like a very intense and rough start to our work year it was great to let loose and have fun with the people I rarely see outside of work!

15. Grew my face mask collection

16. Tried Kat Von D Lipstick 
…and honestly I like Inglot much better. 

17. Hosted not one but two brunches

18. Ate and drank at my favorite wine garden
They redecorated and it was beautiful!

19. UberEats came to Poland
The first thing Emily and I ordered were milkshakes from McDonalds #winning

20. Rode a lot of trams

21. Got caught by the tram police
Yup! In Poland laws are taken very seriously. You don’t ride the tram without a ticket and there are random checks in place to ensure that you have a ticket. We have ridden a lot of trams but there has only been one ticket check the whole time. We got on the tram and had tickets. We tried to validate them but the machine near us was broken. We tried the one on the other side of the door and it was also broken. We were trying to push our way through to the next one when the announcement was made. Now, this tram police guy was standing right next to us and saw us try to validate our tickets but that didn’t stop us from getting in trouble. There is no excuse for not having them validated. Not even a broken machine. We should have tried another one… ok. He tried to validate them in both machines that we tried and it didn’t work. #duh Then he went up further and used the next one. We were both scolded that next time we need to try another machine. So whatever. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again but I am not too concerned. 

22. Made another frienemy

23. Hid some Christmas presents and forgot about them but then found them a month later

24. Got laughed at
Yup! One day I wore darker lipstick to work and someone literally pointed at my face and laughed at me. She was standing right in front of me. Like seriously? Some people need to learn some manners. So rude! 

25. I found a new horoscope app
It’s called Co-Star. I love it so so much and I read my horoscope in detail every single day! #leoforlife

26. Tried fried pierogi 
Something I’m not really a fan of is pierogi. After a party one night we went out with friends and I had fried pierogi that was spicy chicken and it was so delicious! If all pierogi was like that I would never be able to leave this place

27.Survived riding Lauren’s sketchy elevator
My friend Lauren lives on the top floor of her apartment building and the best way up is the elevator but the elevator is so sketchy. First you must press the button to call the elevator (of course). Then the elevator comes and you must open two sets of doors and get in. Next you must get in and shut the doors and hold it shut with your foot and your hand. Then press the button. The elevator launches up at a very fast pace. It might stop randomly in between floors. You never know. Then when you get to the floor you want to be at it goes up and then drops like two feet down. It is terrifying and I often scream at least once in the elevator. It’s always hilarious though. Oh, and sometimes it lets you off on the wrong floor… 

28. Lived the life! 

So… I don’t know what’s in store for the blog now but I’m back and I will be blogging and posting about my travels and my life from time to time. 

Thanks for sticking with me and I must say it feels so great to be back! 

Natasha Theodora written in caligraphy

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