5 of My Favorite Blogs

5 of My Favorite Blogs

I’ve always been a fan of blogs. Throughout my life I’ve had several blogs. I just love blogs! Here are my favorite blogs to read. This list is in no particular order so click away and check out my favorite blogs!

A Cup of Jo

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A Cup of Jo is one of my favorites (obviously that is why it is on this list). I started following a little over a year ago and I can’t get enough. Joanna posts on a wide variety of lifestyle topics. Some of my favorite posts are her weekend posts where she links up several posts from other places and lists her favorite comments from the blog. I absolutely love posts like this. She also posts one drawing from Mari Andrews (see The July List) each week and these drawings articulate thoughts I would love to be articulate enough to string together. She blogs about motherhood and while I’m not a mother, her series on the surprising things about raising kids in different places was captivating to me. I check this blog all the time and am sure to read the latest and greatest.


Sequins & Things

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Alyson Haley! God, I love this girl! I follow her on Instagram and encourage you to do the same. Even if you don’t realize it, you have seen her fashion photos if you’ve ever been on Pinterest. Sequins & Things is primarily a fashion blog with a bit of travel mixed in. She pulls together the greatest outfits and the most adorable pictures. Seriously I need to step up my game and take some tips from her. Recently she has been posting the most detailed travel guides I have seen. They are amazing! My travel guides don’t even stack up to the detail Haley puts into hers. If fashion and travel are your things, you must check out Sequins & Things.


All the Pretty Pandas

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I just love Sharleen Joynt from her time on the Bachelor with Juan Pablo. I felt she was such a classy well-educated lady. I know that a lot of people didn’t like her because they felt she was stuck up but I firmly believe she was just far too classy to be on that show. Anyways, now she has a blog that I adore.

Her blog is mostly filled with fashion and beauty content. Now, you might be wondering why I’m not more fashionable after following all these blogs… I’m not quite sure! Sharleen recently got married and did a series of posts all about her wedding. She has to be one of the most gorgeous brides I have seen. Check her out!


Lauren Conrad

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Oh LC! How could you not love Lauren Conrad. Here’s a small confession, I never watched Laguna Beach but I did watch The Hills. I know. This shocks most people in my age range. Everyone saw Laguna Beach, how could you not? Well, I didn’t. It doesn’t stop me from appreciating her blog today.

Lauren’s blog has the chic appeal that I really believe only Lauren can authentically pull off. I absolutely love her Friday Favorite series. What can I say? Those list series really make my heart sing. The Ladies Who Laptop interview series is another one of my favorites. These interviews are inspiring and enlightening. I love listening to smart people talk and share ideas.


Hand Luggage Only

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I just love these guys! Hand Luggage Only is one of my favorite travel blogs. I highly recommend you also follow them on Instagram. These guys (Yaya and Lloyd) travel everywhere and have such a wide variety of content. They post tons of dreamy lists of amazing things to see. They also post about food and share out travel itineraries. They are absolutely hilarious on Instagram and I would love to meet them sometime along their travels.


Do you follow any blogs? Let me know who I should check out in the comments below!




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