What Mascara Do You Use?

What Mascara Do You Use?

The only drama that I enjoy is in my lashes!

Recently I’ve been getting questions on my Instagram stories about the type of mascara I use so I thought I would put it on the blog! I looked through a ton of selfies, you know how much I love selfies, it was a lot. I just didn’t see a lot where my mascara looked amazing so, you get what you get. Take this advice or leave it, I don’t care either way. I do love mascara so I will post about it but I am by no means an expert.


Mascara, My First Beauty Love

Growing up I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup. It was a pretty big deal if I had nail polish on. Of course, as the oldest these rules were loosened for my younger sister but I guess this isn’t the post to whine about being the oldest. In middle school, so many girls started wearing makeup and my mom said no and taught me about skincare instead. Finally, when I was allowed to wear makeup I didn’t know what to do with any of it. My mom didn’t really wear makeup and I didn’t have many people to turn to. Mascara seemed like the easiest option. So, I went to the store and bought some mascara. This was one of the moments that changed my life!

Putting it on was so difficult at first. I freak out if things come near my eyes. I have developed a weird sort of blinking method to put on my mascara. It is so inefficient and strange that people often ask me if I’m ok if they witness it. Maybe this is the key to my lashes success… hahaha I can’t! This is so funny to me! It isn’t the key to anything. It is so strange but it has worked so I just keep with it!


Better Than Sex Mascara

I have gone through many mascara phases in my life but I currently use Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I do not use the waterproof one unless I know for sure that I will be crying. I’m not kidding. The waterproof one is a thing of beauty. It does not come off. You could cry and cry and cry and probably swim and it would hold strong. While writing that sentence I realized that maybe people wear waterproof mascara for events other than tears! It is hilarious that I’ve never really considered that before. I do sometimes wear it on rainy days… back to the point. It doesn’t come off. Which is great while you’re wearing it and not so great when you just want to go to bed.

While putting on my mascara I use a lot of layers, probably more than recommended but that is how it looks so dramatic. I am by no means a beauty expert so this is where all my advice comes to a screeching halt. I just like my lashes long, bold, and dark dark dark. When I put my mascara on in the morning I turn into the best version of myself. With mascara all things are possible.

Enjoy your lashes!




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