6 Things My Heart Calls Out to in Autumn

6 Things My Heart Calls Out to in Autumn

Autumn, the year’s last, lovliest smile. -William Cullen Bryant


As someone who has always lived in a climate with four drastically different seasons, I have a deep appreciation for all of them. While summer is my favorite season I have to admit it always feels good when the air starts to cool down and the leaves start to change. There is something so beautiful about autumn days. There is a sort of peace to autumn- everything is slowing down and life is changing in a beautiful way. Here is a list of things that my heart calls out to each autumn.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Is it too basic to have this as the first thing on the list? Recently I was in a train station and a girl about 12 was explaining to her younger sister of about 5 that being basic at five is ok but when you get older it just isn’t cute anymore. Is this true? Does this 12-year old know more about life than I do? The answer is probably yes, but while being basic matters at 12, at 28 I don’t really care what many people think of me. Bring on all the pumpkin spice lattes!

Stepping on Leaves

There is something special about walking across fallen leaves. I love the way they rustle around your feet. The sounds of crunching leaves bring a sense of calm to my life. It reminds me of raking and jumping in endless piles of leaves in my front yard as a child. Luckily I live right next to a park and I get to walk on all the crunchy leaves I want!

Cozy Sweaters

Nothing is better than bundling up in a cozy sweater. I have so many sweaters and pulling my sweaters out of my fall clothes suitcase is just so amazing. I get to see all of the lovely sweaters I carefully packed away at the first sign of spring. Also, one thing I love about changing seasons, in general, is rotating clothes through my closet. The only thing I don’t appreciate when wearing a sweater is when you’re in a room with the heat cranked all the way up. No thank you!


I love boots! I once spent an entire fall season looking for the perfect pair of black boots because I just had to have the perfect pair. I learned an important lesson, there isn’t just one perfect pair- there are several. This season I bought some adorable boots with a little bit of sparkle on them. I am absolutely in love with them and I will probably end up wearing them at least 4 days a week.

Extra Blankets on the Bed

There is nothing better in the world than cozying up under many many blankets. Now… recently my mother told me that I had to stop saying everything was amazing but I just can’t. I do realize that I said there was nothing better than cozy sweaters but there is also nothing better than blankets. What I love is snuggling under all of the blankets and keeping the cold out. What I don’t love is having to get out from under all the blankets in the morning. You win some, you lose some.

Autumn Scented Candles

There is a Yankee Candle store here in Krakow and I stop by far too often. When the autumn scents get rotated into the display area my heart skips a beat. There is nothing better (whoops! again, sorry but #cantstopwontstop) than autumn candles. Lighting a pumpkin or apple scented candle- it makes your whole life just feel right.

BONUS- Haunted Houses

I don’t think haunted houses are a thing here in Poland. Let me know if they are though! I don’t like being scared and I get scared very easily so you wouldn’t think I would enjoy haunted houses but I LOVE THEM! There is something so wonderful about getting scared so hard you think you might die. I also think it is especially healing to scream until you lose your voice. Such a great thing!

What does your heart call out for in autumn? Please let me know in the comments below!




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