Warsaw- Living the Luxurious Life

Warsaw- Living the Luxurious Life

Let life surprise you!


Where I Went

Warsaw, the capital of Poland is in east-central Poland. It also is the largest city in Poland and has a big city vibe unlike the vibe of Krakow. Before traveling to Warsaw myself, I spoke with a few people I know who have been. They all said they prefer Krakow to Warsaw and I have to say I agree. I truly love living in Krakow. With that being said, I lived like the true queen I am as I traveled in Warsaw for the weekend. Let’s get down to it!

How I Got There

Once again I used Polrail to travel from Krakow to Warsaw. We rode first class on the way there and second class on the way back. Let’s just say I will only book first class train tickets from here on out no matter what. The ride there was cushy and comfortable. There weren’t many people in our train car and it was lovely. The fewer people I need to interact in my transit the better. The ride back was cramped and terrible.

When you ride first class you either sit in a group of four (pictured above) or in a group of 2. You have plenty of room. The people in your car are quiet and respectful. When you don’t travel first class you are in a compartment (exactly like the Hogwarts Express) with 8 people. There is not enough room for 8 people. I happened to be in a car with 6 people and one of those people was a child. No thank you!

Where I Stayed

We stayed at the Hotel Rialto in Warsaw. I knew that it was a very nice hotel but I had no idea what sort of service we were going to receive during our stay. Upon checking in we were told the most magical words in the world- you’ve been upgraded! An upgrade! I love upgrades! I never get upgraded. I am the sort of person who has no luck. I never get upgrades so to hear those words was truly a miracle. The upgrade meant that we had a sitting room and a bedroom! This is the kind of travel I can only dream of.

The next morning before check out we had room service delivered! Obviously! I was the queen of the world! The breakfast was delicious!


Where I Went

We weren’t even in Warsaw for 24 hours so we didn’t see all of the sites. We did get a chance to go to Wilanów Palace. It was to die for. Now, some people really enjoy the interiors of palaces but I live for the gardens. Don’t get me wrong, I love the extravagance of the interior designs and I love everything that is gold and sparkles but I always feel let down when the interior of palaces is not as extravagant as I imagined. As someone who watched Beauty and the Beast several times, I have very high and slightly unrealistic expectations.

The day we went the weather was perfect for a garden stroll. The sun kept hiding behind the clouds and then shining full force. When the sun was shining everything light up in such a gorgeous, magical way. The rain managed to hold out during our whole visit. If you’re planning to visit Warsaw I highly suggest the Wilanów Palace!



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