The September List

The September List


September! This month flew by and I don’t even know where all the time has gone. Please note that I am still working to return to regularly scheduled posts as my real work life becomes more stable and predictable. Thanks for sticking with me! September was a month filled with new adventures, new friendships, and many good memories. This is turning out to be a wonderful year and I can’t wait to see what October brings in!


I am becoming a better version of myself one day at a time.

This has been my mantra for a while now and I am not really loving it but I haven’t found another one that resonates with me. So, I’m sticking to this one until I find something that matches where I am in life at the moment.


Marko Ayling @markoayling

Just before moving to Poland I followed the Vagabrothers on youtube. I highly recommend checking out their youtube channel (click here). The Vagabrothers are world travelers who also happen to be brothers. Marko is my favorite Vagabrother. Click here to see his Insta. His feed is filled with travel inspiration as his journeys take him all over the world.

Emmalee Janet @emmaleejanet

As you might know, Emmalee (click here) is one of my friends here in Krakow. She also has a travel blog (click here) and encourages me to become an even better travel blogger myself. Her feed is filled with gorgeous pictures of our travels and whimsical quotes. If you ever want to see what I’m up to but from a prettier, more put together perspective Emmalee is your girl.


Chance the Rapper @chancefrom79th

This is not Chance the Rapper’s official twitter but it is an epic account. Click here to see this unofficial account filled with wisdom for daily life. This account tweets everything from, “canceling plans to read is ok. skipping a party for the gym is ok. staying home to cook is ok. lets encourage it & respect self improvement.” to “even if you don’t love to learn, you can always learn to love” These little nuggets of wisdom alone are worth the follow.

Tv Shows and Movies

This Is Us

All of my friends from the U.S. have been posting so many things on Facebook about This is Us that I finally decided I had to watch it. I bought it from iTunes and started to watch. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH!!! Oh my gosh! This show is amazing. First of all, it has Mandy Moore, what 90s girl doesn’t love everything Mandy does? Second, Milo Ventimiglia! I have had the biggest crush ever on him since Gilmore Girls. Man oh, man. So I was hooked with the cast but then was sucked into this story. If you aren’t watching this show then you are missing out. This show is all about family and it is real and it is truthful. It has to be one of my favorite shows and I’ve only actually seen 3 episodes. I think in the States it is currently on season 2. Don’t spoil anything for me! I have a lot of viewing to do in my future. I know I watch a lot of crap reality TV so maybe you discount my opinion a little bit. This is no joke though! Let me know if you also watch but please don’t spoil anything!!


The Hollywood Reporter Roundtables

One night I fell down the hole of youtube videos and stumbled across The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable discussions (click here). The first one I watched was drama actresses and I fell in love! Since then I have watched many roundtables and can’t wait for more to come. Nothing interests me more than actors talking about their craft and talking about their lives.


Up and Vanished

My friend Eric recommended this podcast to me at the start of the school year. I wasn’t someone who listened to Serial but I hear if you liked that then you will also like Up and Vanished. This podcast tells the story of Tara Grinstead, a teacher who up and vanished one day. I haven’t made it through the entire first season yet but it is so interesting. I listen to it each and every day walking to and from the car. Eric got so into it that one day it took longer than usual to pay at the gas station (due to a very long line and some oblivious people trying to buy everything) that he came into the gas station concerned that I had been taken. haha! This podcast is good if you like unsolved mysteries and listening to podcasts I would check it out.


Which Character From “The Nanny” Are You?

I loved the Nanny when I was a kid. In fact, nothing would make me more excited than finding my sister on the couch marathoning the show. Click here to take the quiz on BuzzFeed. You will not regret it. In case you’re wondering, I got Grandma Yetta!

Place I Visited

Wroclaw, Poland

Oh the city of gnomes! Don’t worry you haven’t missed the blog post, it is coming as soon as I can get it up. Wroclaw was one of the coolest places I’ve been here in Poland. Even though it sounds so nerdy to go gnome hunting it is seriously the greatest stress reliever ever!


Living my best carefree life in Wroclaw!


Todrick Hall is Back with the 4 the 2000s Jam You Didn’t Know You Needed

Click HERE to have your mind totally blown. I just love this. Not kidding I think that one day I viewed it 6 times in a row. I just could not get enough!  If you love 2000s hit songs and singing along to mixes than this is for you!

Taylor Swift’s Past Racial Insensitivity Is More Important Than Whether Or Not You Hate Her New Single

Ok, it isn’t a secret to anyone that I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. I think that she’s petty and mean. I think that she once was a vulnerable little girl (her first album) and tried to keep the vibe going for her by playing the victim. I’m not here for it. But in the past few years since the Kanye incident, I noticed such racial undertones to her actions. See the Nikki Minaj feud just to start us off again. She apologizes and pretends she’s learned a lesson that she never actually learns. Click here to read Bustle’s take on Taylor Swift’s racial insensitivity. I’m not here for it and you shouldn’t support this kind of behavior either.

How to Break Up With Your Friend (And When to Know It’s Time)

I break up with a lot of friends. My entire life I haven’t been one to accumulate lots and lots of friends. Instead, I’ve always had just a few really close friends. That’s how I like it and it works for me. The art of breaking up with a friend is a difficult art to master. I have to admit that I have ghosted a few friends instead of outright breaking up with them. Read this article from The Every Girl to gain more insight on the art of friendship breakups.

Snape’s Story in Chronological Order Will Break Your Heart

I love Harry Potter! Snape is one of those conflicting characters whose story breaks your heart. Once you see the whole thing you can feel nothing but sadness for his life. Seeing it in chronological order is absolutely devastating. Click here to watch the video and cry over all the misfortune that fell upon his life.




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