Gdansk- St. Mary’s Church

Gdansk- St. Mary’s Church

I love church buildings, particularly cathedrals, and I like living in spaces that remind me of music or evoke that creative energy. -Laura Mvula

After wandering through the streets of Gdansk I found a church and wandered inside. That church was St. Mary’s. While I don’t believe in god or attend church, I always love stepping inside old churches. Perhaps it is because of the church I went to as a child. Perhaps it is because of the calm presence of being in church or perhaps it is just because old churches have a structure and an architecture that I have come to love. St. Mary’s Church was gorgeous. I loved all of the white walls. I loved the ornate decorations. And I especially loved the photo of Pope John Paul II.

Here is the photo of Pope John Paul II. He was from Wadowice, Poland and is celebrated all throughout Poland. There was a light flashing on the picture that changed colors!

This astronomical clock was built in the 1400s. It shows the time, date, position of the moon and the zodiac signs among other things. There was a story that the artist who created this clock was blinded so that he could never make another clock as beautiful again. This isn’t true as the artist made another clock in a nearby town.

This light reminds me of Cinderella’s carriage. Anyone else?

The Feber family was a wealthy influential family in Gdansk. The family held many positions of power within the city. The three boar heads was their family coat of arms. It is located right outside of the church.



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