Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Click on each number to see the links connected with my current obsessions! Enjoy!

My number one obsession of the week is this air pollution map of Kraków. Since moving to Kraków I have learned that the air pollution is awful here. It is especially bad in the winter. The smog is disgusting and many people wear masks to combat the pollution. I haven’t purchased a mask but I have considered it. I’ll let you know if I ever decide to purchase one. On New Year’s Eve I knew the air quality was not good because of this map. I still went out and after it sounded like I smoked 400 packs of cigarettes. I probably like to check this map a little too often- but I absolutely love it! I also read somewhere that if you breathe the air in Kraków you smoke 2,500 cigarettes a year. UGH! I try to stay indoors and limit my time outside when it is bad.

The second thing that I can’t get enough of this week is the Google Chrome extension Honey. Basically I love online shopping and Honey is the perfect companion to online shopping. Right when you are about to checkout Honey will run through all of the coupon codes that it can find on the Internet. It will start with the ones that have been recently used and successful and it will choose the best one to save you the most money. Who doesn’t love saving money? Just this past week I saved 30% when I ordered new business cards. If you do a lot of online shopping you need this extension.

There is nothing I love more than Oprah and yoga! To start my year off on the right foot, I am participating in Oprah’s 21 day Wanderlust Yoga Challenge. It just began on Monday and it has been amazing. I bought myself a yoga mat and some yoga blocks. I have always tried to get into yoga because I thought I would enjoy it but one way or another it never worked out. This time I know that it is going to stick. This challenge has been wonderful so far. When I get home I look forward to getting my yoga on. Yoga has been the perfect way to end my evenings and calm my body and mind after a busy day.

After watching a few too many beautiful videos of cookies being decorated (click here, seriously worth your time) I began to watch videos of nail polish being mixed together. It was mesmerizing. I could not look away. The colors were mixing together in a glorious way. The glitter, oh my gosh, the glitter! It was sparkly and beautiful and watching everything mix together was very satisfying. I imagine if you are having a rough day these will calm you down. Get a glass of wine and enjoy these vids! Seriously so cool!

First of all who doesn’t love the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? No one, that’s who! Add in Ed Sheeran and you just cannot go wrong. This is Ed Sheeran singing his own version of the Fresh Prince theme song.  I clicked on this and may have watched it about 10 times in a row. It is an irresistible combination. It is so smooth and cool. Also, the look of pure joy and happiness on Ed’s face while he sings the theme song will bring joy to your heart. I highly recommending listening to this a few times. What a perfect way to end your busy week! Is there somewhere I can download this song? I just can’t get enough!



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