Why not see a movie in Paris?

Why not see a movie in Paris?

Come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. -Peter Pan

Fall break in Paris is one of the greatest places to be. Once we started boarding we had to stand for a very long time in the staircase waiting to get onto the plane. It felt like Paris would never arrive, and then it did. We arrived late in the evening and the only thing to do was to see a movie. We chose Bridget Jones Baby and crossed our fingers that it would be in English. Luckily for us, it was! This is the first post of several about Paris!

We stood on these stairs for what seemed like forever. You can see this in the people’s faces behind us. We were to excited about PARIS to mind a little wait.

When we arrived we wandered around and ended up finding Moulin Rouge.

There were pictures of Hillary Clinton everywhere on every magazine. #Hilary2016

Just a heads up! If you ever go to Paris to see a movie they don’t snack while they enjoy. People gave us such funny looks for indulging in popcorn.

I got this snap from my Mom. Apparently she doesn’t think that seeing Bridget Jones while in Paris is the best of ideas!


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