Natasha Theodora Visits Vienna

Natasha Theodora Visits Vienna

Vienna is a handsome, lively city, and pleases me exceedingly.

Road Trip to Vienna

When my boss asked if I would like to attend a conference in Vienna the answer was obviously, yes! I love attending a conference, and I love traveling so, of course, I would like to go. Sign me up!

And that is how I found myself taking my very first (and maybe the last?) road trip across Europe. We left Krakow in the afternoon and arrived in Vienna later that evening. All in all, about a 5.5 hour trip. 

Also, I do have to apologize as I used Snapchat to capture most of my photos this trip which obviously wasn’t the greatest choice but was the choice I made. 

We had to stop at a gas station outside of the Czech Republic to get a sticker for our car. I wasn’t sure how driving your car from one country to another worked, but you get a sticker for your windshield- think like when you visit a state or national park in the US- and each country requires their sticker in a specific spot.

Hello, Vienna!

When we booked our hotel, each room came with two beers. I tried them, and I hate to report back that they were not my favorite, but I can admit that I am a pretty picky beer drinker.

We spent the day learning and meeting new people. I could not get over how friendly everyone was. They made sure that everyone had someone to hang out with if you wanted and even invited people to dinner. This is one great thing about international life; everyone is there to take care of everyone else. Even though we all are on our own, there is a great community out there.

These are super delicious! We ended up grabbing a few bags of them at a store to bring back to our co-workers.

Exploring Vienna

I decided to ditch the group and do some wandering around on my own. I didn’t have a big plan of what I wanted to see in Vienna. One of my favorite ways to explore a new place is to hitch a ride to the city’s center and get out and explore. With Vienna being so close and flights being pretty cheap, I am sure I will be back one day and do the typical tourist route. I needed something more low-key this time around. 

I ended up seeing St. Stephen’s Cathedral. I love venturing inside an old church despite not being religious myself. There is something about the grandeur and old architecture that is really beautiful. 

After checking out the Cathedral, I wandered around a bit. Of course, I had to get a little Starbs. Most places were closed because it was later in the evening. I found a cute little restaurant to grab some dinner and then headed back to the hotel. We had another day of learning ahead of us.

Natasha Theodora written in caligraphy

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