Welcome to Poland

Arrivals at Krakow Airport

“Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.”

I’ve always wanted to travel and teach abroad. One morning in October I woke up and realized it was time to chase my dream. August 8th I arrived in Krakow, Poland to teach for two years. While I had never considered living in Poland before January, I am currently absolutely in love with my choice and the life I am starting while here.

0 Days until I arrive in Poland

The day was finally here and the countdown had reached zero. I was a mixture of nerves and excitement. I wanted to cry and scream out in excitement at the same time. I was finally living out one of my dreams! Now I just had to arrive…

Flying Chicago to Helsinki

After waiting in O’Hare for what felt like forever I finally boarded the plane to Finland! I was so excited to finally get this journey off the ground but I was also exhausted. I waited to see who would sit next to me on the ride over and to my absolute joy, the answer was no one!

Arrivals at Helsinki Airport

Arriving in Helsinki I was excited but I exhausted… a theme of traveling to anywhere new. Getting off the plane meant that it would only be a few hours before arriving in my new home!

Flying Finland to Poland

After what felt like an neverending eternity of people watching, sitting, and drinking large quantities of coffee we were finally off to Krakow!

Arrivals at Krakow Airport

As we started to descend into the airport this was the gorgeous view from my window. I absolutely love these white puffy clouds!

Delicious Raspberry and Regular Lemonade

My first few days were met with meeting new friends, finding an apartment, and eating out at every cute place we could find. This is from a small little cafe. The lemonade is great and the food is just as good!

Shopping at Ikea

A trip to Ikea when you haven’t yet moved into your apartment is slightly difficult. Ikea is always so overwhelming and we took an extremely overwhelming trip there to gather the essentials.

Natasha Theodora in Krakow

I felt it necessary to get a cute picture of me at the beginning of this trip. The beginning of this adventure moved at an overwhelmingly fast pace. I have tried my hardest to live moment by moment and truly stop to enjoy the world around me.

Nad and Greg- A wonderful desert shop in Krakow

While walking around our new home one day we passed what looked like a gorgeous cafe. We went in for some coffee and a small desert and kicked off the love affair of a lifetime. If you’re ever in Krakow, it is well worth your time to stop by Nad and Greg. Your waistline might regret this choice but you will not!

Curly Fries at McDonalds in Krakow

At the mall we had to just try McDonald’s and see what the differences are. And guess what? It had an amazing difference called CURLY FRIES. They were amazing and I would perhaps start a petition to get these in America! This is a cause I would get behind.


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